The Problem

Auditor for Jira solves the problem of the lack of information about past actions performed by multiple Jira administrators.

Today Jira doesn't provide complete audit trail for administrative events. Some limited auditing is available, but it's far from perfect and is lacking in many areas. For most changes there is no easy way to find out which administrator made which change and when.

Someone deleted an issue? Backup was restored? Your default scheme parameters changed affecting all your projects? Plugin was disabled? Custom field was added to all projects for some reason? User's password was reset? Mail server configuration was updated, and now no mail gets sent? Somebody changed workflow, and things don't work as expected? - If any of this happens in Jira today, you don't know who made the change, when they did it, and can't ask them why.

The Solution

Auditor for Jira is an easily installable Jira plug-in that resolves the problems described above. It tracks all events performed by administrators and stores information about them in the comprehensive audit log. Whenever something unexpected happens, you can search the log and see who and when made the change. Knowing that, you can discuss the issue with this person and find out whether the change was legitimate or done by mistake. This makes your work much easier and puts all your Jira administration under control.

Event Coverage

Auditor for Jira tracks all the administrative events in Jira. Built-in audit log only covers about 25%. See the detailed comparison report below.

Audit Log Data

Jira Audit Log

After you install the plug-in, audit log can be found in Administration > Auditor for Jira > Audit Log

For each administrative event the following information is stored in the log:

  • Event ID
  • Time of the event
  • Admin user name
  • IP address
  • Event type
  • Event parameters

Audit Trail Browsing

Jira Audit Log Filter

Events are sorted by time. The most recent ones are on top of the list. You can filter events to display by event type, time frame, user or IP address. You also choose how many events to display per page.

Audit Log Settings

Jira Audit Log Settings

You can configure audit log and set how many events to display on page by default and how many days to keep events in the log. You can also choose whether all administrators or only system admins have access.

Compatibility with Jira

We support all Jira versions starting from 5.0.1.

If you use an older Jira version and still want to install Auditor for Jira, please tell us, and we will figure something out.

Give It a Try Today

The best way to experience the benefits of Auditor for Jira is to install it freely and give it a try today.